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Stella Maris is the largest ship-visiting network in the world.
We improve the lives of seafarers and fishers through our network of local chaplains and seafarer centres, expert information, advocacy, and spiritual support.

How we help

1.5 Million Seafarers given support each year

70,000 Ship Visits around the world each year

Seafarers helped in 316 ports across 54 countries

Our Stories

When the Malaviya Seven ship was detained in Scotland, the crew were abandoned without wages and unable to return home for nearly 18 months.

"Although we were stranded and away from home for a long time, there was always a surety that we were not alone. There was an implied assurance that as long the Stella Maris was present, justice would be served."

– Captain Ashish, Malaviya Seven

Latest news

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