Aberdeen Bishop visits stranded seafarers

On November 23rd, the Bishop of Aberdeen, Hugh Gilbert OSB visited the ship ‘Malaviya Seven’, whose crew has been stranded in Aberdeen for the past six months. 
              Bishop Hugh spent time speaking with the crew; he then blessed them and the vessel and shared a meal with the seafarers on board. 
              The men are being supported by Apostleship of the Sea’s (AoS) Aberdeen port chaplain Doug Duncan. 
              Bishop Hugh said, “Though the situation will remain tense until justice is done, it was clear that the efforts of the Apostleship of the Sea and others on behalf of the crew were much appreciated.” (Read about Bishop Hugh's visit on Aberdeen Diocese website here).
              Doug has offered friendship and practical assistance to the crew, including providing them with warm clothing and toiletries – thanks to the generosity of the local community. 
              Doug says, “It’s an anxious and stressful time for the crew but having someone from AoS they know and trust support them makes a difference. The AoS has made all crew members feel part of their family during this difficult time.” 
              In a note to Doug following Bishop Hugh’s visit, the stranded seafarers said, “It was the most remarkably auspicious event for all of us. The ship’s atmosphere is now well charged with great positivity, divinity and great blessings of Almighty Lord the God.  Divinity has approached us miraculously!”  

Bishop Hugh of Aberdeen visits the crew of Malaviya Seven with AoS port chaplain Doug Duncan

* More photos on our Flickr site here.