ABP and AoS Christmas woolly hats

ABP employees helped to pack around 250 woolly hats with thoughtful gifts to hand-out to seafarers visiting the ports of Hull and Goole during the festive season. 
             The Apostleship of the Sea’s ‘Woolly Hat’ campaign aims to remember how important seafarers are in helping to run the global economy and how many of them will be separated from their families during Christmas.
             Being a seafarer can be a lonely and extremely tough job, with most being out at sea for several months at a time.
             Items such as lip balm, a prayer card, chocolates and gloves were packed in the woolly hats by an army of volunteers at the Hull Seafarers Centre, which is run and managed by Apostleship of the Sea.
             Thousands of items were kindly donated and knitted by many people from local parishes, community groups, primary schools, ABP employees and Apostleship of the Sea volunteers. 
             95% of the UK’s trade is seaborne and the Humber is the UK’s busiest estuary with around 40,000 shipping movements each year. 
Teams from ABP and AoS Hull and Goole wrap woolly hats for seafarers
             Chris Green, Port Manager for Hull and Goole, said: “Crew out at sea can sometimes be forgotten and it’s vital to ensure that we continue to remember their efforts which are vital in keeping Britain trading and our shelves stocked. 
             “We’re proud to be able to support such a meaningful campaign as it reminds seafarers that we’re thinking of them during the festive season, when so many of us are fortunate enough to be spending time with our loved ones.” 
             A team of volunteer chaplains led by Anne McLaren, Apostleship of the Sea Senior Port Chaplain for the North East, will gift the hats as they welcome visiting ships, offering spiritual and practical support to ensure a warm welcome is received. 
             Apostleship of the Sea National Director Martin Foley said, “I would like to express my thanks to ABP for their support for our Woolly Hat campaign. ABP directors and staff have been immensely supportive of AoS since we assumed responsibility for the Hull Seafarers’ Centre. It’s a great partnership.”