An egg-ceptional request

In providing pastoral and practical assistance to ships crews, Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) volunteer ship visitors often receive unusual requests for help.
              Jimmy Ross, volunteer ship visitor at North Tees received a call from the ‘Gas Galaxy’, a tanker berthed at North Tees, a vessel with which he is familiar.
              Once on board the Captain explained that whilst they had taken delivery of food and other provisions before sailing, there were some items missing. Could Jimmy help? 
              They were in need of 30 dozen eggs and 30 litres of cooking oil! 
              Undaunted, Jimmy hatched a plan and with free range, set off to the local Tesco supermarket, where, having outlined his requirements the staff provided superb service, and very shortly afterwards, Jimmy delivered his precious and fragile cargo to the ship, much to the delight of the Captain and the Cook. 
              Jimmy commented, “This was an egg-ceptional request for help and I felt I needed to go the eggs-tra mile to assist the crew. All in a day’s work!”
AoS North Tees ship visitor Jimmy Ross with his precious delivery