And The Award Goes To…

As part of the Port of Immingham's 100 year celebrations. The local port authorities decided to create a one off award to honour someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the port. The port users and local businesses were lobbied and the verdict view was that it should go to Fr Colum Kelly, AoS port chaplain to Immingham.
       Colum told us "I was very pleased, for as the head of ABP said, this is not an award from church folk but from the business community which recognises the value of all you do in the port.
Surely a feather in the cap of AoS."

        The aware was presented to Colum at the Immingham Annual Shipping Dinner, where he was asked to say a few words about his work and the work for the AoS.

As a thank you and again to help celebrate the ports centenary anniversary, Colum helped organise a special Mass to honour  "A centenary of Goodness". It was a chance to  acknowledge the goodness of the local parish communities and their support of the work of AOS. Chair of Trustees Eamonn Delaney and National Director Martin Foley (pictured L-R with Colum in middle) also traveled up to Immingham to help celebrate the occasion.








Images courtesy of ABP David Lee Photography Ltd