AoS: A ministry of Mercy

Apostleship of the Sea's (AoS) national director Martin Foley was interviewed by Tracey McClure from Vatican Radio where he spoke about how AoS is 'bringing into focus the “invisible” lives of seafarers during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.'
             Martin explains how the Catholic seafarers' charity has published a prayer card which they have been distributing to seafarers and to supporters, “reminding them of both the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.”
             As part of our Jubilee campaign, AoS is also organising a series of retreats on the theme of mercy for its 16 port chaplains and some 120 volunteer ship visitors, Martin says in the interview.
             Speaking about AoS' ministry to support seafarers who are abandoned, not been paid, or having to face difficult conditions on board, Martin says it is part and parcel of AoS' ministry. 
             “We are a mission of the Church; we have been sent by the Church to share God’s love with seafarers.  And that’s not just Catholic seafarers; it’s all seafarers and to assure them that though they are far from home, family and friends, that the Church, through the Apostleship of the Sea, is here for them.  To serve them spiritually, pastorally and practically,” Martin says in the interview. 
             You can listen to the podcast here.

 Martin Foley Apostleship of the Sea National Director