AoS assists fishermen hit by UK storms

AoS has been providing support to fishermen and seafarers whose work has been the more difficult due to the recent storms in Great Britain. Aberdeen port chaplain Doug Duncan recounted how he received a call from the Fisherman's Mission during January asking him to help a Filipino fisherman who had been injured on board a boat off Orkney.
                         A hatch on board the ship was blown down as he was coming up from below deck and fortunately crashed on to the back of his shoulder's and neck, had he been a second earlier it would have been the crown of his head and he would have possibly been killed.  
                         The fisherman was airlifted to Aberdeen Hospital. On his discharge Doug met him spending time with him and taking him to the  evening mass where he was given the sacrament of the sick.  Following a period of recuperation he was able return to the Philippines. 

                         Elsewhere in the UK some fishermen have been unable to go to sea in the very rough weather and Tyne port chaplain Paul Atkinson has been in contact with their Filipino crew providing clothing, mobile internet access, so they can contact family and loved ones and transport for some shore leave while they wait for the weather to improve so they can go to sea again. A regular visitor to the North Sea ferries that dock in the port of Tyne, Paul has visited the crew who have continued to work in very rough conditions to provide support.  
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AoS Aberdeen port chaplain Doug Duncan helped an injured fishermen off Orkney
Doug Duncan: spent time with injured fishermen and took him to mass.