AoS brings hope to stranded crew

The ministry provided by Apostleship of the Sea in raising awareness about the plight of seafarers is vital, as seen in a news story on ITV News. 
             The video clip documents how AoS has been helping two seafarers abandoned at Shoreham-by-Sea since January by providing food, cash and hope. The men were left stranded after the company they worked for failed to settle a £32,000 fuel bill, leading to the ship being arrested. 
             Captain Mikhail Polyakov and able seaman Igor Alenykov of the vessel Independent are afraid to leave the ship, fearing they would not get the wages owed to them. Our port chaplain for Shoreham Rev Roger Stone and our ship visiting volunteers have continued to offer them pastoral care and practical support. 
             Roger tells ITV News, “What we can continue do is to continue to support them, to visit them to give them all sorts of support as we’ve been giving over the last 8 months.” “But also hopefully to try and raise awareness of their plight so that people who can do something will actually do it because the ship is under arrest.” 
             You can watch the video clip using this link. Please do visit our Help Us Page here to find out the different ways you can bring hope to seafarers who are abandoned or neglected. 

Rev Roger Stone visits the abandoned crew of Independent
Rev Roger Stone explains how AoS is helping the stranded crew of the Independent