AoS chaplain featured on Sea City

Our Southampton port chaplain Reverend Roger Stone is featured in a new series of Sea City shown on BBC One South and Oxfordshire. The first episode looks behind the scenes at the port of Southampton. 
                    In this episode Roger helps a seafarer from India, Myron Pereira, locate the grave of his grandfather who is buried in Southampton. Myron’s grandfather died on board a vessel in 1971 and this is the first time someone from Myron’s family has travelled to Great Britain to pay tribute to his deceased grandfather. 
                    Myron says, “My dad always dreamed of this and I am here finally. And I have to thank Roger for all this.” 
                    Roger is one of AoS’ 14 port chaplains based in Great Britain who provide pastoral care and practical assistance to seafarers arriving at the country’s ports.