AoS chaplain humbled by seafarer’s faith

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) Falmouth port chaplain John Pinhay met a seafarer who had fallen ill and came away from the meeting humbled and moved by the man's faith. 
                  The incident involves a seafarer called Jepson Javier, from the cruise ship MB Sea Explorer. Jepson is a cook on board the vessel and was taken ill while the ship was passing the Isles of Scilly.
                  John says, "He was suffering great pain in his side and he was seen by the ship’s doctor. After several hours of pain Jepson was airlifted off the ship by helicopter and taken into Treliske Hospital. After a very uncomfortable night in pain, the doctors stated that they would operate after carrying out further scans."
                  He continues, "Jepson has a very deep faith and prayed throughout the night to be relieved of this pain and to be given strength and courage to get through his surgery the next day as he had never been in hospital before. By the morning all of his pain had disappeared and now he was worried that he would be operated on when his pain had gone away. The hospital carried out the scans and after exhaustive tests, no problems could be found." 
                  Jepson was discharged to a local hotel and that is where John met him. He was from the Philippines and he had a very deep faith and knew that God had heard his prayer. John and his wife Pat arranged to take him to Sunday Mass at their parish of St Mary Immaculate, Cornwall. 
                  John says, "Jepson is a lovely, lovely man of faith! I have been left humbled and moved."

Apostleship of the Sea Falmouth port chaplain John Pinhay with Jepson
John Pinhay with Jepson.