AoS chaplain learns Filipino for seafarers

In an article in Philippines-based ABS-CBN News, Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) South Coast port chaplain Reverend Roger Stone speaks about why he has learnt basic Filipino in his ministry supporting seafarers.
              He tells reporter Patrick Camara Ropeta, “I meet a lot of Filipinos, araw-araw, a lot of kababayan who come into Southampton. I must say that it’s a source of great joy meeting people from the Philippines because they’re nearly always people of such faith. People of warmth and generosity.” 
              The article continues, “With one in three seafarers coming from the Philippines, it’s no wonder the chaplain, who was born in Wales and raised in England, is learning the national language, Filipino." 
              Roger says, “Every time I go on to a ship, I ask them to teach me one new word.” He adds, “It’s rather nice if somebody makes the effort to welcome you in your own language. I think it just makes you a bit warmer about yourself, a bit happier about yourself, a bit more comfortable really. And perhaps just enhances the trust a little bit more as well.” 
              The full article can be read here. 
Reverend Roger Stone from Apostleship of the Sea has learnt Filipino