AoS chaplain visits seafarer in hospital

“I was sick and you visited me…” Sr Marian Davey Apostleship of the Sea’s (AoS) Felixstowe and Ipswich port chaplain and ship visitor Julian Wong visited a seafarer in hospital after he suffered a stroke on board his ship. 
                 They provided some comfort for the crew member who had to be airlifted to Ipswich Hospital following the incident. 
                 Last Thursday, Julian was on a routine ship visit when he struck up a conversation with another crew member who informed Julian that his colleague had taken ill.
                 “The seafarer had just joined the crew the day before at Antwerp and most of them knew very little about him. I eventually managed to talk to the captain who said the seafarer was fortunate as the ship was at anchorage only 25 miles from land and they were able to get a helicopter from Belgium to airlift him to hospital,” said Julian.  
                 Later that afternoon Sr Marian and Julian visited the seafarer in hospital. He appeared to be comfortable in bed and was having his tea. Sr Marian offered him a phone sim card and asked if there was anything he needed but the seafarer declined and was contented to just rest.
                 “We left our contact details with him and with the hospital after explaining who we were and the purpose of our visit,” said Julian. 
                  The seafarer made a good recovery and was eventually discharged and flown back home. 
                 * You can read Julian’s account of his visit on our Facebook page here

AoS Felixstowe port chaplain Sr Marian Davey visited a seafarer who was hospitalised after a stroke