AoS helps injured crew member

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) has stepped in to assist a seafarer following an accident that left his thumb crushed. 
                  The 35-year-old Filipino crew member was working during cargo unloading operations in port when the mishap occurred. 
                  AoS’ Tilbury port chaplain Wojciech Holub was on his regular visits when he was alerted to the incident onboard a container vessel. “I was on one of my usual visits and the morning started well enough. As I sat chatting with some of the crew in the mess room, one of the vessel’s officers barged in and called out for help
                 "He had with him a seafarer who was in agony after getting his thumb smashed by containers. I called the ambulance and then sat with him to provide some reassurance while waiting for the emergency services to arrive,” Wojciech said. 
                  The injured crew member was taken to Basildon Hospital and then transferred to the Royal London Hospital. After several days in hospital he flew home to the Philippines. 
                 “Unfortunately nothing could be done to save his thumb and it had to be amputated at the joint. I have since heard from the man’s crew mates who say he is recovering,” said Wojciech. 
                 "The incident reminded me of the sometimes dangerous environment that seafarers face. Their lives can change forever in just a split second.” 
                  Last year, AoS’ port chaplains assisted 199,360 seafarers who arrived at ports up and down Great Britain, and helped 54 crew members in hospital. They offer practical as well as pastoral support to seafarers including providing phone cards, internet access, transport and faith resources.
AoS Tilbury port chaplain Wojciech Holub with a seafarer

Wojciech and a seafarer in London.