AoS helps ‘invisible’ seafarers

The work of Apostleship of the Sea port chaplains in assisting seafarers in need has been featured in an online news piece on the BBC website. 
             The piece called ‘Apostleship of the Sea helping Invisible Seafarers’ by journalist John McManus, details how our Immingham port chaplain Fr Colum Kelly provides practical and spiritual help to seafarers whose ships call at ports around the UK. 
             Fr Colum tells BBC News “A lot of what we do for the seafarers are small gestures – by coming on to the ship or giving them some phone cards, Sim cards, or something that can give them wi-fi access.  All small gestures, but taken together they make an enormous difference to the life of a seafarer. And that's why we're here, to make a difference." 
             The article goes on to say that it's not just about the small things though and relates how crew start confiding in Fr Colum about issues such as wages or working conditions once he’s gained their trust. 
             "We're dealing here with an invisible world," Fr Colum continues. "Nobody comes on to docks to meet seafarers. Nobody knows how seafarers live or ply their trade. These guys are away from home for nine months, 12 months at a time. If you ever really stop and think about the importance of what they do, just look around your home. Look at your television, your computers, your fridges, your car outside your door, the light switches that keep your lights on – all this stuff is brought to us by sea. And yet the lives of the people who bring this stuff to us, few people know anything about those lives." 
             The full story is available here on the BBC website. 
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AoS chaplain Fr Colum Kelly speaks to a seafarer during one of his ship visits

Fr Colum: "We're dealing here with an invisible world."