AoS Hull chaplain in the news

Anne McLaren, Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) Hull port chaplain was recently featured in the Hull Daily Mail and its monthly publication The Journal where she speaks about her ministry supporting seafarers at the port.
                  Anne speaks about her daily work with seafarers and her ship visits. She says, "Every visit is different … you react to the situation that happens."
                  She believes it is important to greet, thank and help seafarers who may be many miles from home. "If you turned up far away from home you would like someone to come and visit you and tell you where things were and just listen to you," says Anne.
                  Anne, along with AoS' 14 other port chaplains and many ship visitors across Great Britain are the friendly faces who welcome seafarers from across the world when they arrive at ports.
                  You can download and read the stories in full by going to this link 

 Anne McLaren is Apostleship of the Sea's Hull port chaplain