AoS lauds new movie

AoS has praised a new movie set on a cargo ship for its portrayal of some of the issues facing seafarers. 
                  Secret Sharer, directed by Oscar-winner Peter Fudakowski, is a romantic thriller where the crew of a cargo ship in the South China Sea, mutiny, leaving the captain alone. 
                  John Green, director of development for Apostleship of the Sea, said, “New films in maritime settings are few and far between these days. Whilst this film has its own artistic license regarding crew conditions and behaviour, many themes are pertinent: the challenges of stowaways, the isolation the master can feel, and the tension between the owner and master and master and crew.”
Secret Sharer is a film that reflects the challenges that seafarers face
Jack Laskey potrays the captain in the movie.

                  The film was made on board a rusting cargo ship bought on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, and had a maritime adviser on the set. “Secret Sharer highlights many of the joys and difficulties of life at sea:  the grandeur and immensity of the sea, the need for hard work, and the need to ensure that a crew works together,” said Mr Green.
“It also highlights the loneliness of life at sea, and the fact that the ship is the home as well as the workplace of the seafarers is underscored.  It is interesting that the film also touches on moral questions.  What is the right thing to do? All the characters wrestle with this and in some sense in modern industrial shipping this is a question seafarers have to struggle with.”
Secret Sharer highlights some of the issues faced by seafarers