AoS offers friendship to seafarer in need

Our Tilbury port chaplain Wojciech Holub recently met a Filipino seafarer called Roger who contacted the Seafarers' Centre at the port. 
                  Roger had just been discharged from hospital after undergoing a minor operation and was staying in a hotel near Tilbury. 
                  “He was lonely and desperate for human contact, so for a week we picked him up from his hotel and brought him to the centre so he could meet and interact with other visiting seafarers,” said Wojciech. 
                  During this time, Wojciech and the port chaplain from Sailors Society Rev Frans Sahetapy and Deacon Joern Hille, the German Seamen’s chaplain, also arranged scripture sharing sessions in the Centre’s chapel with the help of Fr Jeba Marshall. 
                  Together they prayed for Roger and his family back in the Philippines. After a week Roger was well enough to re-join his ship. 
                  Several weeks later Roger’s ship called at Tilbury again, and Wojciech and Fr Jeba visited the vessel.
                  They were delighted to see Roger on board. He appeared happy and was gradually easing back into work.
                  Needless to say he too was pleased to see Wojciech and Fr Jeba again. 
                  Wojciech reflects, “Ships arrive and they sail away, but praise God none of our prayers go unheard.”

AoS Tilbury port chaplain Wojciech with Roger and Rev Frans Sahetapy from the Sailors Society
Wojciech and Roger with Rev Frans.