AoS on Vatican Radio

Charles Collins from Vatican Radio speaks to AoS cruise chaplain Fr Paul Mason about how our chaplains offer pastoral support and comfort to seafarers in the event of a ship casualty, as was seen in the case of the Costa Concordia. 
        In the interview, Fr Paul emphasises that an AoS chaplain’s priority is for the welfare of the crew at all times and to support them in their faith when such tragedies occur.  The wreck of Costa Concordia is now upright after a 19 hour operation. 
        Fr Paul says it is important that cruise chaplains make themselves available and visible to crew and passengers at all times. “I think the expectation is that you don’t go running for a lifeboat. If the ship runs into trouble then there are going to be anxieties right across the ship, from crew, officers to passengers.”  
       “Crew can often feel isolated and vulnerable as they spend up to nine months at sea with limited family contact and long working hours, so providing them with pastoral support is a primary responsibility for us chaplains.”
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