AoS push to ratify ILO Fishing Convention

In today's FInancial TImes there is a letter from National Director Martin Foley regarding ratification of the ILO Work in Fishing Convention. You can read the original letter on the FT's website by following the link. 

The letter has been reproduced below.

Your article ‘EU policy overhaul paves way for sustainable fishing’ (May 31) reports a welcome step towards the future preservation of EU fish stocks.  Attention must now be given to EU and UK ratification of the ILO Work in Fishing Convention. Ratification will greatly improve the living and working conditions for fishermen in what remains a largely unregulated industry around the world. This Convention includes basic requirements such as a minimum age of 16 to work on board fishing vessels and compulsory hours of rest – amazing when one remembers that it is the 21st century!  Only last week a Vatican conference on forced labour heard that serious abuse of fishing crews from developing countries persists. Individuals  are susceptible to exploitation by certain ship owners, brokers and recruitment agencies because of a background of poverty, inexperience and a degree of naivety.  It is vital that the UK and EU member states ratify the ILO Work in Fishing Convention without delay.

Yours, Martin Foley
National Director, AoS