AoS reaches out to Indian fishing community

Apostleship of the Sea is reaching out to fishermen and their families on the Eastern coast of India affected by Cyclone Phailin which struck over the weekend. 
          But the extent of the devastation in the area has made communication an uphill task. 
          According to Fr Xavier Pinto of the Apostleship of the Sea, the poor communities who live a precarious existence at the best of times have had their world literally turned upside down.  Whilst some 80 fishermen are said to be safe, 18 fishermen were rescued from the Bay of Bengal and some 3,000 mud houses in the area have been either wiped out or damaged. 
          AoS port chaplain in Paradip port, Fr Chitranian Navak, is having difficulty contacting colleagues due to the devastation in the area.  Paradip port, one of the 12 major ports in the country, has resumed partial operations after the cyclone forced it to shut down. 
          Caritas India, the relief charity of the Catholic Church in India is already working in the area. Caritas India has partnered with Apostleship of the Sea on many occasions to support the welfare of the fishing communities in this region.
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Fr Xavier Pinto: poor communities have had their world literally turned upside down.