AoS support ship stranded for months in Rye

The crew of the ‘Torrent’ have been stranded for months in Rye but have had some relief from their ordeal thanks to the local branch of seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea who have stepped in to provide much needed help.
             The ‘Torrent’ has been stranded in the port of Rye since the middle of January with crew left unpaid and worried about their future.  Over recent months local seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea has regularly visited the Russian and Ukrainian crew providing them with internet Wi-Fi so they can contact families and loved ones.
              The ‘Torrent’ is one of a number of ships in the fleet, arrested since the company hit difficulties.  Other vessels are in Hull, Shoreham and Santander, Spain.  In each of these ports chaplains and volunteers of the Apostleship of the Sea have been providing practical help and support to the crew during this very stressful time.

AoS provides both practical and spiritual support to seafarers in more than 250 ports around the world. This ranges from providing transport to shops to hospital visiting and mediating in disputes over pay and conditions.