AoS supports all seafarers

Catholic seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) supports seafarers regardless of their religion or beliefs. 
              John Pinhay, AoS port chaplain in Fowey, went on board a ship called the Skagenbank over the Christmas period to visit its crew and give out presents. 
              The crew members were very busy but John was welcomed by the ship’s chief engineer who in turn introduced John to Radjo Muhammad, the cook. 
              Radjo received the Christmas gifts on the crews’ behalf, and he and John got talking about a multitude of topics. 
              “After a long conversation and a coffee, Radjo mentioned that he was a practising Muslim who respected all believers in God,” said John. 
              As John was about to leave he asked Radjo if he wanted to join in a prayer and this the seafarer readily did.
              Prayers were offered up for the safe passage of the crew and eventual safe return home to family and friends. 
              John said, “It was a very memorable experience and a good opportunity to live out Pope Francis’ call to engage in meaningful dialogue and friendship with our brethren of other religions.” 

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                AoS chaplain humbled by seafarers faith
AoS Fowey port chaplain Joh Pinhay prayed with Radjo Muhammad, a Muslim seafarer