AoS supports crew after seafarer goes overboard

AoS is supporting the crew of a cargo vessel whose colleague went overboard on the Humber River last night (3rd September). 
               The 18-year-old Indonesian seafarer was from the ship Freya which was bound for Immingham port. AoS’ Immingham port chaplain Fr Colum Kelly was the first visitor to go on board the ship, which berthed at the port late last night.
“I got a phone call from the harbour master who asked if I could go on as the crew were very distressed.
“The captain and the crew member who witnessed the accident were particularly cut up. There is a lot of guilt and anger about. I stayed with them for most of the night,” said Fr Colum.
Fr Colum was back on board on this morning where he set up WiFi connection and spent more time with the crew of 10, who are Dutch, Russian and Indonesian. It is understood the missing seafarer was on his first contract with the ship. 
               Fr Colum said, “On leaving this morning the captain said ‘It was a great relief to have someone like you as our first visitor…someone who came to try to comfort us, rather than ask questions.” 
               “I’m sure there are many questions to be answered but at least Apostleship of the Sea has done what we can for now,” added Fr Colum.
 Fr Colum is AoS' Immingham port chaplain
                   In a press release today the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said a comprehensive search of the river was conducted overnight involving Humber and Cleethorpes RNLI lifeboats, a rescue helicopter from RAF Leconfield and 25 commercial vessels from the Grimsby area which also helped with the search.
A thorough search of the shoreline was undertaken by Cleethorpes Coastguard Rescue Team but the seafarer was not found.