AoS supports distressed crew after death

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) is responding to the pastoral needs of a group of seafarers after a seafarer died on their ship. 
                  A 42-year-old Russian electrician was reported missing earlier in the week.  He had gone overboard and died, leaving a wife and two daughters.
                  An autopsy had taken place in Spain, whilst the ship had briefly docked there.

                  The ship arrived in Tilbury late on Thursday night and was visited by the port chaplains from the Apostleship of the Sea and the German Seaman’s Mission.  
                  The vessel’s crew was distraught and anxious in the aftermath of their colleague’s death.  AoS chaplain Wojciech Holub visited the seafarers on board and provided much needed support and assistance. 
                  AoS’ port chaplain in Tilbury also conducted a memorial service on the vessel after receiving a request from the crew and was on hand as the ship sailed early on the Friday morning.
The AoS port chaplain also provided the crew with details of AoS chaplains in other ports around the world for support in the weeks and months ahead.
Apostleship of the Sea provided pastoral care to a group of seafarers after their colleague died.