AoS supports distressed crew

AoS has provided comfort to the traumatised crew of Thorco Attraction, after one of their crewmembers went missing at sea in Cameroon.
                  AoS Douala port chaplain Fr Jean Benoit Patrick Nlend , who went on board the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged ship, said the crew were in growing dismay after the disappearance of second officer Oleg Svylin. The 39 year-old Ukrainian officer was last seen on the deck of the vessel on the night of November 10th 2013.
                  Despite conducting a thorough search on board, the crew were unable to find him. The Cameroonian authorities were alerted but their efforts to locate Svylin have so far remained fruitless.
                  “It is too early to conclude whether it was suicide or an accident. The crew still remember the tragic murder of three of their crewmembers by pirates in Somalia waters two years ago. They do not want to consider the likelihood of death and hope to see their fellow crewmember again,“ said Fr Nlend.
                  A mass was celebrated on board the ship at the request of the mostly Filipino crew. Fr Nlend also extended the compassion and sympathy of Archbishop Samuel Kleda, Archbishop of Douala, to the crew on board.

Fr Jean Benoit Patrick Nlend celebrated Mass with the crew
Fr Jean Benoit Patrick Nlend celebrated Mass with the crew.