AoS supports stranded crew in Aberdeen

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) is providing pastoral and emotional support to the crew of offshore supply ship MV Malaviya Seven currently detained in Aberdeen. 
             AoS Aberdeen port chaplain Doug Duncan knows the crew well, having met them previously when the ship called at Aberdeen on different occasions.
             The 15 Indian nationals have not been paid for nearly two months, with some having been without pay for longer. 
             The ship is docked at Trinity Quay and is not expected to leave until all the seafarers get paid.
Doug Duncan is Apostleship of the Sea port chaplain in Aberdeen

             Doug said, “I went on board the ship at 7.30am yesterday (June 15) and spent most of the day there with the crew. They just want to get paid and go home.” 
             “However we fear that their ordeal could drag on for weeks, if not months, because of the huge amount of money involved. 
             “Their predicament is made worse as they are stranded miles away from their homes and family members,” he said. 
             Doug is working closely with the local International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and other maritime-based representatives involved in the case.
             “It’s an anxious and stressful time for the crew but having someone from AoS they know and trust support them makes a difference,” he said.