AoS Vice Chair Southampton port visit

Our Southampton port chaplains Fr John Lavers and Peter Morgan and ship visitors were delighted to welcome our Vice Chair of Trustees Dr Esteban Pacha a couple of days ago, who joined them in their ship visits to see how we support seafarers and be a friend in port.
              Dr Esteban was a former ship's captain himself and said of his visit, "It was a great experience to get back on board during the on-the-field visit to our port chaplains and ship visitors in Southampton."
              Coincidentally the Swedish captain on one of the ships shares the same name – Sfefan!
Esteban Pacha meets a seafarer in Southampton with AoS port chaplain Fr John Lavers
Dr Esteban, third from left, with Fr John, as seafarer and AoS Southampton ship visitor

More photos can be seen on our Facebook here.