AoS visits seafarer in hospital

Last week Apostleship of the Sea's (AoS) Northeast Scotland port chaplain Doug Duncan was in the middle of ship visiting and also had an appointment to pick up some items for the Aberdeen seafarers centre when he received a phone call from a seafarer who had been rushed to hospital at 1am. 
                  As this was a priority everything else was dropped and Doug made his way to the hospital to see the Filipino seafarer, Daniel. 
                  On arrival he went straight to the ward and was pleased to see Daniel sitting up.
                  The doctors were attending to him explaining that he would be in for a few days which caused him concern. He was also worried about how his condition would affect his employment contract.
                  Doug said, “I was able to settle his anxieties regarding his job and his family and gave him phone top-up cards and various other essentials. 
                  “One of our AoS local Filipino representatives Roda Bird spoke with him in Tagalog and we were able to provide internet connection to enable him to contact his family,” Doug added.
                  Further tests are to be carried out to investigate the problem and further treatment requirements. Our prayers are with Daniel at this time.

AoS visited Daniel in hospital and settled his anxieties about his employment
Daniel with Roda Bird