Bishop Robert Tyne visit

Bishop Robert Byrne from Hexham & Newcastle Diocese recently joined our Port Chaplains Deacon Peter Barrigan and Paul Atkinson on a port and ship visit (his first) in Tyne port on October 23.
               He went on board a DFDS ferry and saw for himself how our chaplains support seafarers and cruise ship crew members. He also met several crew members.
              The crew were delighted to welcome the Bishop and the captain spoke highly of Paul who visits the ship regularly and has become a friend to many of those on board.
               Bishop Robert described how Stella Maris' (Apostleship of the Sea) ministry of ship visiting akin to that of a 'parish at sea', seafarers are like parishioners we haven't seen in a while.
               He also likened the role of chaplains to that of lightning conductors; everything that goes on around comes through the chaplains who make sure all things pass peacefully.
Bishop Robert Byrne visits a ship in Tyne port with AoS
Bishop Robert Byrne visits a ship in Tyne port with AoS               
You can see some photos by following this link below. Photos are by Iain Gelston/Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle