Breaking the Ice with Russian Seafarers

The Russians on the ships that we visit can be a little cautious and  some of them find it hard to believe that we don’t have an ulterior motive, that we just want to see if they need any help. However some Russians from the TANJA asked ship visitor Pete McGillan (pictured) from the Sharpness AoS group  to take them to Gloucester to do some sightseeing and shopping. Pete turned up at Sharpness dock at 10.00.The Captain Yuriy , who is from Kaliningrad, asked him to come back about 12.00. He returned to the ship, the "Tanja" around 12.00 but they were still unloading fertiliser. Finally leaving about 13.45. he took Yuriy and Viktor to "Gloucester Quays" as it's now poshly known, and then to the magnificent Gloucester cathedral.  They had a very good visit and Yuriy got a couple of footballs for his nine year old grandson Ilya.