Catholic legacy website launched

A new charitable group and website which encourages legacy giving among Catholics was launched on June 11th. 
                 Comprising 13 Catholic charities, including AoS, the consortium known as Your Catholic Legacy aims to raise awareness among Catholics about leaving gifts in their wills to charity. It is endorsed by the Catholic leadership in England and Wales.
Leaving legacies to Catholic charities bring huge benefits to the most vulnerable and the gifts help charities sustain their work.
AoS legacy officer Alastair Emblem encourages donors to consider leaving a gift in their wills to ensure continuing support to seafarers in the long term. “Many have already chosen to leave a legacy to AoS, and we are grateful to those who have done so. However getting more supporters to leave a gift in their wills to AoS is crucial in funding our long-term ministry.”
Archbishop of Southwark, Archbishop Peter Smith,  who lent his support to the launch of Your Catholic Legacy, said: “Legacies play a crucial role in funding the work of Catholic charities. No matter how big or small, a charitable gift in your will brings hope to poor communities across the globe, enables the sharing of God’s love and provides those in greatest need with a vital lifeline.” 
AoS legacy officer Alastair Emblem and Archbishop Peter Smith at the launch of Your Catholic Legacy

 Alastair Emblem with Archbishop Peter Smith at the launch of Your Catholic Legacy.                
                 Other Catholic charities in the consortium include the Cardinal Hume Centre, CAFOD, Saint Vincent de Paul Society and the Society of the Little Flower, among others. (More details can be found here). 

                 In total, the charities involved in Your Catholic Legacy received 622 gifts from wills in the last financial year, making up an average of 10% of their income. 
                 Gifts in wills fund one tenth of all AoS’ work supporting seafarers across the UK. We provide 14 chaplains and 120 volunteer ship visitors, who cover 56 ports. 
                 While legacies cannot be left directly to Your Catholic Legacy, any or a combination of the 13 charities can be named as beneficiaries in a will. More information can be found at
Some quick statistics:
The Your Catholic Legacy member charities received a joint total of 622 gifts in the financial year 2012/13; providing a combined income of £11,987,137.  
In 2012 the 22 Catholic dioceses of England and Wales received £13.6m in legacy gifts. Legacy income to the dioceses has fallen by an average of 5.6% a year since 2006/7. (Legacy Foresight “Legacy Market Review 2013 p24)