Communion service for crew

AoS is responding to the pastoral needs of a group of seafarers after a worker fell ill on a ship and later died in Aberdeen. 
                  A 24-year-old British man became ill on board an offshore support vessel on August 13 and was taken to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary but subsequently died. The vessel’s crew members were distraught and anxious after learning that the worker had died.
                  AoS visited the seafarers on board and provided much needed support and assistance. AoS’ port chaplain in Aberdeen conducted a communion service on the vessel after receiving requests from the crew.
Fifteen Filipino crewmen attended the communion service and joined in prayers for the deceased worker and his family. Following the service the seafarers requested that the cabins and work areas be blessed. They also asked that AoS’s chaplain visit them again when they returned from their next voyage. 
                  In June AoS visited a Filipino seafarer in hospital who had been taken ill while working on a supply ship at Peterhead and was able to provide him with phone cards, money, Wi-Fi, food, and arranged for his washing to be done. 
                  Earlier in the year AoS also provided practical and pastoral assistance to an injured fisherman from Senegal who had to be airlifted to hospital after sustaining injuries on his ship in the North Sea.

AoS conducted a communion service on board for the crew