Coronavirus: cruise ship crew facing increased stress

Stella Maris Development Director John Green writes in the Financial Times about how cruise ship crew face additional pressures and stress in the wake of the Covoronavirus outbreak which is affecting cruise passengers and the cruise industry.

Below is John's letter.

Your report on the impact of the coronavirus on the cruise industry detailed the effect on companies, insurers and the millions of passengers who cruise each year (“Outbreak leaves cruise industry floundering”, February 20).

However, no mention was made of the thousands of crew who are crucial for successful management of this infection. It is the crew who will deliver, on behalf of the company, the “agile” and “aggressive” steps to minimise the impact.

Cruise ship crew, in addition to the stresses of working at sea, uniquely have the demands of “emotional labour” of presenting a good face to passengers at all times. Stella Maris chaplains on board and in port will be a vital support for crew at this time of increased stress.

Let us not overlook the vital role of cruise ship crew and those who support them as the industry battles to weather this storm.

John Green Director of Development, Stella Maris, London SW1, UK

* The letter was first published in the Financial TImes on 24/2/2020.