Cruise ship crew supported

Our Blyth & Tyne port chaplain Paul Atkinson provided support for a crew member of a cruise ship who was asked to leave the ship following a disagreement. 
             The Indian seafarer had to leave the vessel and was given flight tickets to go home; this left him feeling upset and deserted. 
             Paul received a phone call alerting him about the seafarer and arranged to meet him so they could speak in confidence.
             "He was clearly unhappy and raised several grievances which include issues around salary and working conditions on board,” Paul said. 
             “I listened to him and he was grateful to have someone to confide in,” said Paul. 
             The seafarer has since returned to India but Paul will keep in touch with him to follow up on any developments.
             Our prayers are with the seafarer and for a speedy and amicable outcome to his difficulties.
Paul Atkinson is AoS port chaplain in Blyth & Tyne