Direct debit switch

AoS is asking regular donors to start using direct debit so that the charity can better plan its ongoing support for seafarers. Switching from standing order to direct debit will also reduce administrative workload and save time and money. 
             AoS director of development John Green said direct debit allows AoS to plan more effectively and efficiently, and is a safe way to make regular contributions.  “Everything is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme so donors can relax, knowing that they will get a full refund from their bank if there’s a mistake," says John. 
             “All they have to do is agree the amount of money to be collected from their bank account – and the day they want it to be collected on, either the 3rd or the 18th of each month; it’s that simple.” 
             This could also be the perfect opportunity for donors to review their gifts to AoS, which will go a long way in supporting its ministry with seafarers. Regular givers can set up their direct debit payments online on AoS’ website by following this link 
             There is also the option of doing it in person by phoning AoS’ office on 020 7012 8600 and speaking to Peggy, the Finance Officer. 
             Please go to our Ways to Help page to see how you can make a gift and the different options of making a payment.

Regular givers can now use Apostleship of the Sea's direct debit facility