Drumming It

Portsmouth ship visitors Elfi Ip and Geoff Breeze were visiting one of their regular ships, Agulhas Stream and noticed that the crew’s drum and percussion equipment in the ship’s mess was, to put it mildly, in need of some tender loving care.  The cymbals were rather battered and dented, while the drum skins were torn and patched.
          The crew loved to play the equipment but were unable to obtain the best from it due its poor state.  Elfi and Geoff set about restoring the equipment for the crew.  Elfi visited her local musical instrument shop and managed to obtain a set of good quality cymbals and drum skins and a bargain price. The crew were both amazed and ecstatic when Elfi and Geoff  turned at the ship’s next visit to Portsmouth and immediately set about replacing the equipment.  Needless to say the seafarers were very pleased and on completion set about demonstrating their musical skills. The ship’s Master, Captain Ramos also joined in the entertainment. A demonstration of the true hand of friendship. 
Elfi Ip and the drums