Dumbarton Delivers first Sea Sunday of 2020

Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) kicked off what promises to be a momentous year as we celebrated our first Sea Sunday appeal of the New Year in St Patrick’s, Dumbarton, Scotland.
              Jim Timmoney, who is the parish contact there, spoke at all four Masses over the course of last weekend with parishioners taking the time to respond generously. 
             Stella Maris was founded on the banks of the River Clyde back in 1920, and will celebrate our centenary in Glasgow later this year when the World Congress will also come back to the city of our birth. 
             Euan McArthur, our Scotland Development Officer, said, “We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Canon Conroy for allowing us to hold the Sea Sunday appeal in St Patrick’s, and for all those parishioners who gave their generous support.” 
Sea Sunday at St Parick's Dumbarton
             AoS are due to return to the surrounding area when we hold Sea Sunday in St Kessog’s parish, Balloch in the middle of February.
             Jim said, “This is an area rich in maritime history and it’s great to be part of this exciting time for the charity.”
             Jim was assisted by another volunteer, Margaret King, who gave out Stella Maris prayer cards to parishioners, some of whom had a seafaring connection.
             Thank you Jim, Margaret, Canon Conroy and parishioners of St Patrick’s for your wonderful support.

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