Easter chocolates for cruise crew

Stella Maris (AoS) Easter Cruise Chaplain Fr Peter Geldard was on board the cruise ship Britannia before during Easter.
              On his last day, he was preparing to disembark at the Port of Southampton, but before leaving the vessel, Fr Peter had one more opportunity to gather with members of the crew who were very sad to see him go after his time with them.
              Crew members are pictured with Fr Peter holding gifts of our Easter chocolates as well as the May Edition of the Stella Maris Magazine.
              Stella Maris AoS Southampton Senior port chaplain Fr John Lavers also went on board to meet the crew and welcome Fr Peter back on land.
              And what a beautiful shrine they have on board.

Fr Peter Geldard with crew members at Easter Mass
The beautiful shrine on board the Britannia

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