Grand Tema crew supported

‘Stowaways held onboard cargo ship’.
              Behind the headlines of illegal immigrants and special force helicopters being deployed, little mention was made of the seafarers who live and work Grande Tema. (The Grand Tema made headlines after stowaways were found on the ship and reportedly threatened the crew) .
              This ship docked regularly at the port of Tilbury over the years, so a visit on 22nd December by our Tilbury port chaplain, Wojciech Holub, was no surprise given the events of the days before.
              Wojciech (pictured below) spent time listening to the crew and providing them with data sims so they could contact loved ones. 
              Despite their ordeal, the crew carried on working to berth the ship at the port of Tilbury with the ensuing investigation adding to the toll of this event.
              Wojciech and a colleague gave the crew Christmas presents and will ensure that when the ship sails the Stella Maris port chaplain in the next port will visit the ship to see how the crew are.
Wojciech Holub Apostleship of the Sea Stella Maris port chaplain Tilbury             
              Prayers were also offered. 
              AoS national director, Martin Foley said, "The stresses these seafarers faced were enormous, given the many visits our port chaplains have made to this ship in different ports around the world, I’m sure their support at this time will have been vital in dealing with this event."
              Each year Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) visits over 70,000 ships around the world providing welfare services for seafarers; during 2018 they have supported crew of over 70 vessels in trauma situations.