Help for Ocean Way crew

AoS and fishermen’s charity, the Fishermen’s Mission, are supporting the two surviving crew members who were rescued after their vessel sank in the North Sea on November 2. 
              The men were picked up at sea after the trawler, Fraserburgh-registered Ocean Way FR 349, ran into trouble and sent out a distress signal. They were taken to hospital in Northumberland suffering from hypothermia and have since been discharged.
The ship’s captain, named as James Noble from Fraserburgh, who was also rescued, died later in hospital and a further two crew members from the Philippines remain missing. The coastguard has since called off searches for them.
aul Atkinson, AoS’ port chaplain in Tyne & Blyth is assisting Peter Dade from the Fishermen’s Mission in North Shields to support the two Filipino crew members. The men are staying at a local hotel but have been in and out of hospital after feeling unwell. 
              “They are still in a state of shock after what has happened. We will continue to visit them over the next few days and assist them in any way we can. “They need warm clothing and possibly mobile phones, as they lost everything in the accident,” said Paul. 
Paul Atkinson with the surviving crew of the Ocean Way Peter Dade with the surviving crew of the Ocean Way
Paul Atkinson with the crew.                                     Peter Dade with the crew.  

             Peter Dade from the Fishermen’s Mission added, “Working with our colleagues at AoS, we are doing the very best we can to support the fishermen and their families both practically and spiritually.  We also know that a tragedy such as this brings back memories and feelings of great sadness for other families who have also lost those they love to the sea.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them”.  

             Tina Harris, AoS ship visitor at Macduff and Banff, knows the crew of many fishing trawlers that come into the area. “The incident is terribly sad and makes you realise how much these fishing crew really do need our support as you never know what may happen to them next. 
             “I was visiting another ship and the seafarers on that vessel were anxious to find out more about the tragedy and the names of the crew involved. They were worried that they might know them,” she said. 
             AoS is also working with its port chaplains in the Philippines to ensure support is provided to the families of both the missing crew members and the two Filipino seafarers who were rescued.