Help for rescued sailor

Our ship visitor in Weymouth, Mark W Kemmis Betty (pictured), recently responded to a call to help a sailor who went missing after a huge wave hit his boat in the English Channel. 
             The seafarer, Michael Ryan, 52, sailed his trimaran, Kinetic, from Lannion in France on the evening of October 5, but got into trouble after passing Guernsey as one of the floats broke off his boat. He put out a mayday.  An initial search by two lifeboats and a Royal Naval frigate, HMS St Albans failed to find him and was called off at 1am the next morning. However the frigate continued to search outside the initial search area and found him at 3am. 
             He was then taken off the trimaran by Weymouth Lifeboat, and on arrival in Weymouth was rushed by ambulance to Dorchester Hospital. A member of the RNLI contacted Mark to let him know Michael was in hospital and Mark went to visit him. 
Apostleship of the Sea's Weymouth ship visitor Mark Kemmis Betty with other ship visiting volunteers. Photo: Dorset Echo
Mark (foreground) with other AoS ship visiting volunteers. Photo: Dorset Echo

             Mark relates, “Michael was in bed very exhausted but he insisted in showing me on his chart where he was picked up by the lifeboat, about 20 miles south of Portland Bill. “Initially it looked like he would be discharged but as he was somewhat confused the hospital agreed to keep him in overnight and I arranged to collect him the following morning.” 
             When they met the following morning, the sailor was looking much better and after collecting some medication from the hospital, Mark took him to Dorchester train station. 
             He bought Michael a ticket to Chichester where the seafarer was hoping to meet a friend and go out in his friend’s yacht to try and find his vessel.
“I gave him the coastguard’s telephone number and waved goodbye to him as he left Dorchester,” said Mark.