Helping Communications

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Carolyn Lewis from the MNWB and the network provider 3, seafarers visiting UK ports will be able to have free access to the internet, email and Skype using new Mi-Fi units.
       Mi-Fi units are mobile Wi-Fi units. Unlike a dongle, which has to be plugged into a laptop/computer and can only be used by one person at a time, a Mi-Fi unit can be used by multiple users in one area. It is therefore ideal for seafarers who, as we know, are always seeking a reliable internet service when they arrive into a port.
        Carolyn Lewis from the Merchant Navy Welfare Board has, in recent months, undertaken a fantastic fundraising effort to purchase these Mi-Fi units for seafarers’ use. She completed the Brighton marathon, the Petersfield Ups & Downs cycle race and is due to undertake the Great South Run. She is aiming ot raise a total of £10,000 to purchase the units. In addition she has also developed an excellent partnership with the network provider 3 who have now supplied Carolyn with a number of Mi-Fi units and data packages for free. Carolyn generously has given a number of these units to AoS for our chaplains to use regionally around the ports.