Helping crew stay in touch

Apostleship of the Sea is helping seafarers stay in touch with their loved ones by providing them with mobile wireless routers called Mi-Fi. 
         Seafarers going ashore are able to make use of the device to instantly communicate with family and friends back home, without having to pay a lot of money to make phone calls. All they need to do is to connect the units to their mobile phones to get internet access. 
         AoS National Director Martin Foley says; “Each of our 14 port chaplains has at least one Mi-Fi unit. We are in the process of purchasing more as they have proved to be immensely popular with seafarers.” 
         Many crew still do not have internet access on board their ships, making communication with their families back home difficult. Often the first thing they want to do after spending long periods at sea is to speak to their families and loved ones, and AoS chaplains and ship visiting volunteers are on hand to provide such assistance. 
         John Pinhay, our chaplain in Falmouth & Fowey recounts how the Mi-Fi was put to good use some months ago by crew of a cruise ship. “The men were grateful that I was able to provide access to the internet via the Mi-Fi.”

AoS supporter James Hanratty presents a MiFi unit to Tilbury chaplain Wojciech Holub
AoS supporter James Hanratty presents a MiFi unit to our Tilbury chaplain Wojciech Holub.