Holy Island Pilgrimage 2019

The drizzle and cold weather failed to dampen the Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage organised by Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne on June 8. 
              Parishioners, priests, volunteers and supporters from the Dioceses of Hexham & Newcastle and Middlesbrough turned up in the hundreds to pray for seafarers and for the work of Apostleship of the Sea’s annual event, now in its 16th year. 
              They were joined by AoS Bishop Promoter for England and Wales and Bishop of the Forces Bishop Paul Mason, AoS Senior Regional Port Chaplain (North East) Anne McLaren and AoS North East of England port chaplains Paul Atkinson and Deacon Peter Barrigan. 
              AoS Acting Chair of Trustees Dr Esteban Pacha, AoS National Director Martin Foley, and AoS Tilbury Port Chaplain Wojciech Holub also attended the event. 
The Prayers on the Beach was moved indoors due to risk of bad weather
              Due to the risk of rain, the traditional ‘Celtic Prayers on the Beach’ – normally held at the beach opposite St Cuthbert’s Island – was moved indoors to the St Vincent De Paul Ozanam Camp. 
              About 200 people joined in this mix of music, readings and prayer, directed by former Navy chaplain and AoS former trustee Monsignor Ronnie Brown.
              Over the years this has become extremely popular and sets the tone for a peaceful and reflective day. Special thanks to Stephen Terry for providing the music. 
              The day ended with Mass of Pentecost in St Mary’s Anglican Church, concelebrated by Bishop Paul, Mgr Ronnie Brown, Fr Shaun Purdy, Fr Tony Hoggarth and Deacon Peter.
Pentecost Mass at St Mary's Anglican Church
              Special thanks to the Vicar, The Reverend Canon Dr Sarah Hills, for allowing us the use of the church and for her hospitality. 
              In what has also now become something of a tradition, Scottish piper Andy played 'Amazing Grace' and 'Skye Boat Song', guiding the procession before and after Mass. 
              The day marked a special day of prayer and fellowship, a good build up to Sea Sunday which falls on the weekend of July 13 and 14, when parishes in the dioceses and around Great Britain pray for and remember seafarers for all they do. 

Mass of Pentecost was the highlight of the Day

From left: Andy (the piper), Monsignor Ronnie Brown (AoS former Trustee), Hugh Ward (AoS Tees
ship visitor), Bishop Paul Mason, Fr Tony Hoggarth, Jimmy Ross (AoS Tees ship visitor), Fr Shaun
Purdy, and Deacon Peter Barrigan.

More photos can be found on our Flickr site at https://www.flickr.com/photos/apostleshipofthesea/albums/72157709061212293