Honeymoon marathon

Running a marathon is exhausting enough but it takes a really special person (or couple in this case) to want do it during their honeymoon. 
                  That’s exactly what newly-weds Vikki Frith and Ben Thompson have decided to do on their honeymoon – run a 70-mile marathon along Hadrian’s Wall to raise funds for Apostleship of the Sea. The pair married on June 14 and are set to take part in the ultra-marathon on June 21. 
                  Back in April 2013, Vikki ran the London Marathon for AoS and raised the grand sum of £581 and Ben is a seafarer himself; so their affinity with AoS comes as no surprise. 
                  The couple say on their Just Giving page, “Only 1% of food imports [into the UK] arrive by air – the rest by ship. You may have thought about 'food miles' or buying Fairtrade but have you thought about the conditions on board the ships that bring these goods to us?” 
                  “It falls to a charity to provide extremely basic services which most people wouldn’t call a privilege, but for many seafarers that is exactly what they are. Apostleship of the Sea helps the seafarers living in isolated, lonely and tough conditions by providing both physical aid and pastoral care.” 
                  Please show your support to Vikki and Ben and help a seafarer today by donating. Visit their Just Giving Page here and make your donation online.
                  Or go to
Vikki Firth ran the London Marathon for Apostleship of the Sea in April 2013
Vikki ran the London Marathon for AoS in April 2013.