How Catholic chaplains support seafarers

The Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society at St Mary's University in Twickhenham, London has published a report titled ‘Being There: How Catholic chaplains support seafarers in the UK’ which examines the vital work of Apostleship of the Sea with seafarers. 
             The Centre says tens of thousands of seafarers visit British ports each year, making brief stops after days or weeks at sea. They largely remain invisible to the rest of society. 
             The report looks at how AoS continues a tradition that goes back to the Early Church, offering vital forms of aid and assistance to all seafarers, regardless of religion or nationality. 
             It explores the hard and ‘hidden’ lives of seafarers, and the vital work undertaken by AoS in supporting them. 
             The report was authored by Francesca E. S. Montemaggi Stephen Bullivant Maureen Glackin.
             We encourage you to find out more about the report and download it by going here.

Being There Chaplaincy Report