Hull Christmas Woolly Hat Appeal

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) in Hull had a hat packing session at Hull Seafarers Centre on 7 December as part of their Christmas Woolly Hat Appeal for seafarers.
              They were joined this year for the first time by ABP staff who donated some items for the hats and with the help of AoS volunteers packed the hats. 
              Items for the hats have been donated from a number of parishes and also the support of eight schools including four in Hull, two in Leeds, two in Bridlington and one in Ampleforth village.
Hat packing at the Hull Seafarers Centre
              AoS Hull Port chaplain Anne McLaren said, "The children bring the items into school and then we have a hat packing session at each school where the children pack the hats for the seafarers.
              "We place the hats on the ships and then give the name of the vessels to the school so they can track the ship on Marine Traffic and find out where it will be on Christmas Day when the seafarers open their Christmas hats." 
              The AoS team in Hull want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who have supported their Christmas Woolly Hat Appeal.