Humbled by seafarers’ faith

When Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) Dundee ship visitor Jacqueline McGuire visited a ship at Dundee port she was able to speak to four Filipino seafarers on board. 
             They seemed happy enough but were missing their families back home in the Philippines. 
             Three were on 12-month contracts, while the other was on for seven months. 
             “One of them had already been on the ship for nine months and was due to go home in December,” Jacqueline said. 
             “They were clearly homesick and looking forward to seeing their loved ones," she added. 
             Jacqueline supplied MiFi units so the men could get internet connection to contact their families back home. 
             She also distributed rosary beads, hats and religious reading material. 
The seafarers with Jacqueline and Fr Michael Carrie
The seafarers with Jacqueline and Fr Michael Carrie

             The seafarers also expressed a great desire to go to Mass; the last time they went to Mass was when they were back in the Philippines. 
             Jacqueline took the seafarers to Mass at Dundee Cathedral the next day. 
             She said, “That desire to go to Mass was very humbling. At the end of Mass we posed for a photo with Fr Michael Carrie.” 
             They then visited local attractions including Law Hill, Broughty Castle and Barnhill Rock Garden. 
Jacqueline with the seafarers at Broughty Castle
Jacqueline with the seafarers at Broughty Castle

             During a quiet walk, Jacqueline got the chance to speak with one of the seafarers alone. 
             “I asked him if everything was okay and he said he was tired. He hoped to work at sea for another year before quitting to join a factory in Israel. 
             “He missed his family and his two-year-old daughter, who doesn’t really know him,” said Jacqueline. 
             “However, he was really happy today to be able to speak via Skype with his wife and young daughter for the first time in four months. 
             “He told his wife how excited he was to be going to Mass. He said they always go every Sunday as a family back home,” she added. 
             Jacqueline promised to keep in touch with the seafarers when their ship left Dundee and AoS continued to visit them at their next ports of call. 
             “The seafarers had a lot to deal with, but I hope AoS’ support helped reassure and encourage them,” said Jacqueline.
Jacqueline and the seafarers
Jacqueline and the seafarers