‘I was sick and you visited me’

If a seafarer visiting Britain becomes ill or injured, it’s often the AoS port chaplain who is there to support him. 
                  When Doug Duncan (photo), AoS chaplain to north-east Scotland, received a call to say that Norman, a Filipino seafarer, had taken ill on a supply ship working out of Peterhead, he immediately went to visit him in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. He provided him with phone cards, money, wi-Fi, food, and arranged for his washing to be done.
                  He then met the seafarer’s doctor, who  suggested the seafarer would benefit from going for a day out. 
I picked him up and took him to the Aberdeen Seafarers’ Centre, where he met with some other Filipinos. This certainly helped his mental attitude, as he was getting very low,” said Doug.
Doug was also asked to visit El Hadji, a fisherman from Senegal, who was airlifted to hospital after being badly injured on his ship in the North Sea. 
                  "When I arrived at the hospital, I found El Hadji was heavily sedated having undergone an operation on his right foot which had been badly damaged with four toes being badly broken. “I was informed by the staff he was only able to speak French. I returned in the evening with Georgina, a parishioner from our local church, who speaks fluent French
                  “I was able to provide him with a phone card, which he was delighted with, some reading material in French and most importantly a French to English dictionary which helped him understand what to order from his daily food card. “It was pleasing that he called Georgina on the Sunday and thanked us for AoS assistance and care.”

* You can help Doug and our port chaplains all over Great Britain continue their great work supporting seafarers by making a donation on Sea Sunday. It is a day when churches all over the country remember seafarers and pray for them, their families and those who support them. It is our principal fundraising and awareness raising event of the year. Go to apostleshipofthesea.org.uk/sea-sunday for more details and to make a gift.

AoS port chaplain in northeast Scotland Doug Duncan