‘I’ll eat my hat’

The visit of the m/v Glorieuse to Teesport was not intended to be a long one. However, during a period of particularly inclement weather, the ship’s cargo of grain could not be discharged, and this meant that the crew were to benefit from an extended stay in port. 
              The Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) Chaplaincy team ensured they were well looked-after, providing free transport to town and other attractions. 
              Requests for Mass to be celebrated on board were also made, so AoS Port Chaplain Deacon Peter Barrigan approached Canon Derek Turnham, Parish Priest at St Augustine’s and Sacred Heart in Redcar who, despite the short notice readily agreed to visit the ship. 
              Deacon Peter was supported at the Mass by AoS volunteers Hugh and Mary Ward, Tony Livingston, and Ann Marie Ward who played the guitar. 
              In his Homily, Canon Derek reminded all present of the importance of discipline in their daily prayer life, and afterwards blessed faith items which were then given to the seafarers. 
Mass on Glorieuse at Teesport
              Separately, Mass was also said for the crew of the m/v Swiftness, a general cargo ship with a crew of nineteen Filipinos and two Vietnamese.
              The crew were keen to attend Mass before leaving for Singapore on a 42-day voyage. 
              Fr John Lumley celebrated Mass on board and offered prayers for the crew and their families back home.
              He also blessed various religious items. AoS ship visitors Hugh and Mary Ward brought along a statue of Santa Nino which had been presented to them on a recent private visit to the Philippines. They also distributed Rosary beads from Rome. 
              Much to the crew’s delight, Deacon Peter presented them a tapestry of the Sacred Heart, donated by Peter’s own Parish Priest, Fr Sean Neylan who wished it to ‘go to a good home’ following the recent death of his mother to whom it had belonged. 
Mass on board mv Swiftness with Canon John Lumley and AoS Teesport team
              One of the hymns at Mass was ‘Hail Queen of Heaven’. Fr John doubted the crew would know this, stating “if they know this hymn, I’ll eat my hat”
              However, the hymn was known to the crew who sang it heartily and in great voice. Fr John then commented, “pleased I didn’t bring my hat!”